Terms and Conditions


  • You will be eligible to receiving 10% customization in the syndicated reports based on your specific requirement pertaining to the markets discussed in the report. However, your requirement complexity and duration to complete the final report will be purely judged by our research team and will share the final say. At Acquire Market Research, we ensure that you get the accurate market intelligence in our reports.
  • Refund and Cancellation policy

  • Since we deal in the information services sector and given the sensitive nature of our industry, our customers will comprehend to the no refund policy . Once the data or information has been provided, we would be unable to refund the order charges and hence would request customers to get proper approvals and carefully place orders. We are always willing to help you in case of any assistance required.

  • Post the order placement, the report will be delivered to you online/by email within a month maximum for full report or 10-15 business days days in case of a customized report post the receipt of payment. However, in case of physical delivery of the print copy of the report, if requested for, we will courier the report and depending on courier service policy the working days will be decided from the date of the receipt of payment.
  • The report will be provided in parts depending on scope - Maximum parts - 3
  • Delivery Period – 1 month ( Full report ) 10- 15 Business days for customized report.
  • Orders once placed cannot be cancelled as we undertake the project and pay our vendors and sources for data and information to compile the report for you.
  • Secure Online Payment
  • At Acquire, be rest assured that we work with secured gateways and the information you provide will be treated with utmost responsibility and only for the purchases permitted by you
  • You can have access to your desired information in just these 4 clicks
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    Privacy Policy

  • Acquire strategic information provision services are publications containing authentic and valuable market information made available to individuals, companies and educational institutions depending on the orders. Our client base acknowledges that when purchasing that Acquire strategic information services are for our customers’ internal use and not to be disclosed to public or third parties
  • Acquire would not be responsible for any inappropriate or incorrect information provided to us by participants, manufacturers or users
  • No part of this information service may be provided, rented, resold or disclosed to non-customers without written permission
  • We also use other research firms to help us undertake our market research services. These firms have their own websites and apps and have their own privacy and cookies policies which apply to visitors to their websites and users of their apps
  • All product names, logos, brands and process used in this site are property of the respective owners.

  • Note: Changes in Policy Statement

    Acquire Market Research may update this Policy Statement from time to time by posting an amended version of the statement on our web site. Please refer to this page regularly to view policy amendments.